Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

What is an unconference?

Last year, I discovered the concept of unconference. I will present you, what this means, why I think this is awesome, and tell you a few words about the one I am about to organize with some friends.

Definition of an unconference
On google the definition is the following: a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured programme of events. "At this unconference, attendees created sessions on the spot, making for an energizing and freewheeling exchange"

Why do we need unconference?
As an engineer is a research center I often get to go to conferences. This is the perfect opportunity to present the work performed and hopefully get some feedback on my ideas and network with my fellows. For the networking, it works as plenty of events outside the conference are organized. However, I meet two big issues:
-if I want to go to a conference, often I get this from my boss "Your paper sounds very interesting .... But we don't have any budget and we cannot let you go on your working time". And then starts the fight to find scholarship, should I pay with my money and invest in my future? Do I want to spend my precious holidays to a conference? Well, maybe when I am looking for a job, ok, but then, really?

-I have worked on the paper during days and nights, hope to have some constructive critics, but when I get over the world, have the perfect Prezi/power point, the room looks more like this

So, at the end, I fight to get into a place on another continent to spend time in dark rooms and people are bored! 

Last year, I heard about the UNCONFERENCE concept. The goal is to have people, interested to discuss with each other. No topic are fixed, no agenda is set!

And I decided with my friends to make one in Bremen and it will be completely free! I am so excited to see the outcome of this event.

What about the Space up Bremen?
Space Up is a space unconference for people who are passionate about humanity's future in space and want to play a part in it. Space up Bremen is the second of its kind in Germany and hopes to bring space enthusiasts together in an informal environment to brainstorm on the future of space, discuss new ideas and whatever you feel like!

Space up Bremen offers:
* Inspiring talks from experienced professionals
* 2 days to talk with fellow minded participants about the future of space
* A great warm-up to the festivities of Yuri's night (

Please register as soon as possible at, but hurry up because the number of places is limited to 80! 

And hopefully people will look more like this

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